Credit Plan
With approved credit, payments are due within 30 days of delivery.  A priced delivery ticket will be left in a return envelope at the time of delivery.  Payment can be made from the ticket.  If payment is not received by the end of the month, a statement will be sent showing outstanding balance.  Any outstanding balance remaining after 30 days will accrue finance charges at a rate of 1.5% per month.  

Budget Payment Plan
With approved credit, we offer a budget payment plan which allows you to have a fixed payment each month.  The budget payments run for ten months, starting in September and running through June.  The months of July and August will allow you to "catch up" any payments you still owe or if you have overpaid, we will credit your account. Monthly payment is calculated based on prior usage.  Contact our office to set up your monthly budget payments by August 15th.  

Pre-Buy Plan
Purchase your propane prior to the heating season when prices are usually lower.  You can pre-buy up to the number of gallons estimated to be used by March 31st, which is the final pull date.  Contact our office to make arrangements to purchase gas.

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